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Personal Injury Transcript

If I am injured, what should I do first?

If you’re injured, what you should do is make sure you get yourself treatment. So find yourself the appropriate hospital or doctor and make sure you’re getting yourself on the road to recovery or getting the treatment you need for whatever sort of injury you have, and at some point during the course of that it would be a good idea to contact an attorney to determine if you have a claim and that attorney can help you litigate that claim. It’s really important to do that as early as possible because the sooner the attorney gets involved the easier it is for him or her to litigate the claim.

Why should I hire PR&A as my personal injury attorney?

You know, there are three things I think about a firm that does plaintiff’s work like ours, but you know in particular about Pellettieri Rabstein & Altman that would bring me here if I were just a layperson out there who was injured in an accident. And the first thing is it still has stayed small, smallish. There are about 30, 35 lawyers here and what we can do with that is we can give your case individual experience. You’re not going to – you know, you’re not going to just be a name in a group of files, people are going to know your name, know what your case is about. So we can bring that to you.

But we also, even though we’ve stayed small, we’ve been able to litigate the claims, which are expensive. Litigation has become more costly and we have the resources here to – you know, we have the money to be able to handle what we have to handle and pay for what we have to pay for to bring the case through the system or to bring it to its best resolution, and you know we also had what has stayed steady over the course of the ten or eleven years I’ve been here – a good batch of lawyers. I see a core group of old and young lawyers and somehow this firm has been able to weed out those that shouldn’t be here and keep those that should and that’s truly what I think about this place. At the end of the day, I think that’s why I’ve been able to learn the things I’ve learned here and I don’t want to take that experience somewhere else – why? I can keep it at a place where we’re doing good work for the clients.

What are the major types of personal injuries and what should I be aware of in each?

The types of cases that are traditionally considered personal injury cases to the extent you can group them are motor vehicle accidents, fall down accidents either trip or slip and fall, which usually involves something called premises liability where you’re hurt on someone else’s premises or store or something of that nature, product liability cases where you’re injured on something you bought for home or something that you’re using at work, construction site cases where you are generally a member of a trade or a union of some sort and you’re hurt while on a construction site, which is something that we specialize in because we represent unions here and we’ve done that sort of litigation for years, and medical practice is a form of personal injury claim that we handle here and as well as nursing home negligence cases.

Tell me about your Nursing Home specialty.

With regard to the nursing home practice that we have here, we’ve seen an increase in those cases relatively recently and that’s largely because of the aging generation. It’s a larger generation of people and they’re living longer, so they find themselves in, you know, nursing homes or rehabilitation centers and unfortunately much of the care there is what we’re finding is subpar. The people aren’t paid well or there’s large turnover in the medical field there and these people are not being taken care of and they have loved ones that are at the end of their rope, and that’s when they come in to see me and so, you know, we are handling more and more of those files which are a hybrid of the medical malpractice and the personal injury specialty areas. They’re their own specialty area and what we find is we really need to hold the hands of their caregivers or the loved ones and help them get through what is something they’re struggling with, they’re very sympathetic people and they’re struggling with it and, you know, once they finally come to us I think what’s happening is they just want some validation or some help and that’s what we find we’re being able to provide to them through litigating the claim.

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