$1.35 Million for Certified Steel Trucker

On the eve of trial, New Jersey Superior Court Judge Jack Sabatino (Mercer County, Law Division, Docket # MER-L-2085-00) approved a settlement worth approximately $1,350,000 in a lawsuit brought by Tony Mitchell, a “yard jockey” truck driver employed at Certified Steel on North Olden Avenue in Trenton, for life-threatening injuries suffered when a 50-foot steel girder weighing several thousand pounds fell off a truck and across his body. Defendants named in the suit were H.L. Winters Trucking, Herman L. Winters and Delaware River Stevedores.

“The accident occurred on August 27, 1998, when Mr. Mitchell raised the dolly wheels to move the trailer in the Certified Steel yard. Two of the eight steel girders had been dropped and bent by Delaware River Stevedores while loading the H.L. Winters trailer at the dock making them unstable,” explained Edward Slaughter, Jr., Esq., lead attorney representing Mr. Mitchell and a senior partner at the Princeton-based law firm of Pellettieri, Rabstein & Altman.

“Tony Mitchell was 37 years old and residing in Trenton, NJ at the time of the accident. Mr. Mitchell suffered massive pelvic injuries, severe fractures of his shin and post-traumatic stress disorder. He underwent four surgical procedures to reconstruct his pelvis and shin. Unable to continue working in his profession, Mr. Mitchell now works in a Veterans Administration Hospital in Hampton, VA where he resides,” he continued.

“Nothing can fully repay the months and years of pain and discomfort Mr. Mitchell has endured in the surgical treatment phase of his recovery, much less the permanent damage to his body and his life. But large payouts have been proven to encourage companies to pay more attention to safety procedures,” added plaintiff’s co-counsel Sherri L. Warfel, Esq., also with Pellettieri, Rabstein & Altman, confirming that Mr. Mitchell is satisfied with the settlement and looks forward to closure in the matter.

Defendant H.L. Winters Trucking was represented by Terence J. Bolan, Esq. from Bolan Jahnsen, Ball and Rearden in Shrewsbury, NJ. Defendant Delaware River Stevedores was represented by Stephen Calder from Palmer, Biezup and Henderson in Camden, NJ.

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