Case of the Cut-Off Driver

By: Attorney Edward Slaughter, Jr
A lot of people these days are overworked and under-rested. The roads are filled with tired, hurried, sometimes aggressive and often distracted motorists on their way to work every morning and every night. My client, a resident of East Brunswick, NJ, who commutes to New York City, paid the price.

At 7:15 A.M. one weekday morning in 1999, my client was driving northbound in the center lane on the New Jersey Turnpike. While passing through Linden, another driver suddenly cut him off causing him to swerve and smack into the concrete barrier.

Fortunately, he survived. Unfortunately, he sustained multiple fractures of his left leg, including fractures of the left knee involving the tibia and a dislocation fracture of the left ankle. He was hospitalized and received initial treatment at the nearest hospital. After failing to improve, he eventually underwent a total knee replacement. Need I say more?

At the time of the accident, at only 64 years old, my client was a healthy and very active husband, father, grandfather and breadwinner in the family clothing business in New York City. But after a life-threatening accident, extensive treatments and rehabilitation programs, and permanent limitations on his mobility, he has been forced to curtail both work and personal activities substantially. Clearly, he will never be the same, never live the same.

On a Friday morning this year, he received $750,000 in compensation – but he would gladly give it all up to get his health back, his life back. That’s the reality of personal injury law.

Careless, rushing and aggressive driving ruins people’s lives. We see a lot of these cases. Of course, we wish we didn’t have to. But that’s the reality of personal injury law.

Behind each personal injury you will find a personal tragedy.


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