Dangerous Conditions on Construction Sites

By: Attorney Thomas R. Smith

Construction sites often pose dangerous and hazardous conditions for those employed in the building trades. Typically, a site will have workers from different employers and trades working at the same time. Each trade has responsibility to ensure a safe environment for its employees, as well as for anyone else on the site. The duty to coordinate, oversees, and enforces the safety efforts of everyone usually rests upon the general contractor. The general contractor should set forth basic rules and regulations for working on the construction site so that anyone using or employed on the site will not face unreasonable risks of harm. There are other laws and codes that set forth minimum rules for safety, such as the Occupational Safety and Health Act, commonly known as OSHA.

Recently, a delivery person was killed while walking on a construction site in Jersey City and struck tape measure that fell from somebody’s pocket or belt while working above. Compensation for the decedent’s estate or beneficiaries can be had under the appropriate Workers Compensation Act. Further, a civil case in negligence against the employer of the worker who dropped the object, as well as against the general contractor for money damages can be brought.   If you or someone you know is injured on a construction site, consult an attorney who specializes in workers compensation and personal injury.

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