Economic Crises Causes Disability Insurance Carriers To Re-Examine Claims They Are Already Paying

By: Attorney Anne P. McHugh & Attorney E. Elizabeth Sweetser

Disability insurance carriers in New Jersey love to take your premiums for years and years but hate to pay when a disability insurance claim is made. When they deny the claim, you, as a disabled insured, are then forced to go out and hire a lawyer.   That lawyer is then forced to sue the disability insurance carrier because they refuse to responsibly resolve your claim. It is only the wealthy and well-healed victim of these disability insurance company tactics who can afford to hire a lawyer to fight the disability insurance carrier. 

Under the appropriate circumstances, our firm will take a case against a disability insurance carrier on a contingent fee basis so that you can have a qualified experienced lawyer and make the insurance company pay! Betsy Sweetser, Esq. and Anne McHugh, Esq. have had years of successful experience suing disability insurance companies like UNUN, Provident, John Hancock, Prudential, Berkshire Life, Equitable Assurance, Guardian and others. 

With the economic crises in the insurance industry as well as elsewhere, we find that disability insurance carriers in New Jersey are now going back over claims they are paying and re-evaluating the basis for paying those claims. Disability insurance claimants who have been receiving benefits for years are now are being denied their monthly benefits with bogus arguments by insurance carriers that the policyholders are no longer disabled, or can work at some job or really did not perform the duties they described on their applications for disability insurance.    Disability insurance carriers are looking for any reason or excuse not to pay claims. Our attorneys, particularly Betsy Sweetser and Anne McHugh, have taken on unscrupulous disability insurance carriers charging them with bad faith and breach of contract.

Disability insurance is a specialized area of the law. If you have questions or need the assistance of an attorney with expertise in handling disability insurance disputes, please contact Betsy Sweetser or Anne McHugh by phone 609 520 0900 or email,

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