Gas Explosion in Ewing New Jersey: Injured Parties Should Seek Personal Injury, Property & Insurance Coverage Attorneys

By: Attorney Edward Slaughter, Jr

Members of our community living in a townhouse development in Ewing, NJ fell victim to a horrific gas explosion on March 4, 2014. One person died and several were injured. It has been reported that approximately 50 residences and their contents were damaged or destroyed, with about 20 homes having been labeled not habitable by the appropriate authorities.

News sources state that it appears that the explosion resulted from damage caused to a gas line by a utility subcontractor digging in the area.

In the State of New Jersey, there are laws that regulate utility companies and others who need to engage in excavation or other underground work at or near buried utility lines. Prior to any digging, the utilities with buried lines are notified of the intent to dig and are required to clearly mark the location of their lines.

We all have seen spray painted utility line markings on the ground. Thankfully, most of the time this system works. When it does not, the outcome can spell disaster.

If the failure of a utility company or contractor to abide by the applicable rules and regulations causes death, injury or property damage, the victims may be eligible to recover money damages to compensate them for the death of a loved one, pain, suffering and/or loss of property. The attorneys at Pellettieri Rabstein & Altman have many years of experience representing personal injury and property damage victims against utility companies like PSE&G. Our attorneys have recovered awards for people who have been injured at work, as innocent bystanders or just going about their daily lives when tragedy strikes.

Property damage victims should also investigate property insurance coverage. Potential sources of recovery include insurance policies issued to the homeowner’s association, the owner of the damaged home and the renter, if the victim is a tenant. Navigating insurance coverage issues and dealing with insurance companies with respect to settlement of claims is not for the faint hearted. It is shocking but true that insurance companies regularly deny valid claims. So, we cannot expect the insurance carrier’s support and allegiance in our time of need –we must expect and prepare for the opposite! In the event of a substantial claim, it is essential to engage one of PR&A’s experienced insurance coverage attorneys from the very start.

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