Local Union Calls for Boycott

After what is being called a "broken promise" with Hyatt Regency Princeton hotel management, local union leaders have asked area elected officials to boycott the hotel during the election season this year.

Charles Marciante, business manager of the Trenton-based International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 269, said his agreement with Hyatt management to only hire local union laborers was broken when the hotel's General Contractor hired out-of-state workers to do electrical work.

Several political figures, representing both parties, have already agreed to honor the request and find other places to hold election activities.

Ira Miller, of Pellettieri, Rabstein & Altman comments, "Consumer boycotts are an effective tactic, lawful under the National Labor Relations Act, and most often employed by organized labor to pressure employers with whom they are having a dispute. It is most common that this kind of boycott would be directed toward an employer who provides a service to the public.

As the attorneys representing IBEW269, the Mercer County Trade Council and the Mercer County and Vicinity Central Labor Union, we support the boycott and urge our clients and public officials to honor it."

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