Talcum Powder and Ovarian Cancer

By: Attorney Andrew M. Rockman

Some of you or, perhaps a loved one, might have learned that you or they have been victimized by ovarian cancer. You might also know that there have been studies linking the use of talcum powder to a measurably higher incidence of this dreaded condition.

Regrettably, it has become part of our history as a nation, that manufacturers of some products learn far sooner than we do, about the dangerous side effects of products they sell daily to those who innocently and in created ignorance, use it generously and frequently, without concern and without knowledge of the risks it carries.

They apply it unprotected by the same knowledge the manufacturer has, that it is not the benign comforting product it appears to be or is packaged to appear. The corporate concern is to increase sales, unencumbered by announcing or highlighting the dangers posed by some typical uses of the most innocent appearing products.

The use of that innocent appearing, white talc container, sometimes with the most innocent and comforting image of a smiling baby, has apparently been discovered to be the vessel for the delivery to woman of the fearsome disease, ovarian cancer.

One of the major manufacturers of this most basic of hygiene products has already been ordered to pay a substantial sum in damages to the family of a woman who died from the disease, based upon evidence the powder caused it. More women are coming forward with similar situations to find out their rights.

If you or a loved one have learned that you or they have this disease, and have been a long term user of talcum powder, you may have questions you want answered as to what your legal rights  might be.

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