What is a Products Liability Claim?

By: Attorney Edward Slaughter, Jr

Products Liability law deals with claims by people who have been injured by a product. A "product" is anything that was built or manufactured by a person, company or corporation.

Because products liability claims and the law that deals with them are very complicated they require handling by an attorney who is experienced in this area. Even experienced personal injury attorneys refer products liability cases to other attorneys who are products liability specialists.

The manufacturer of a product can be made to pay an injured person if its product is defective. Defective means that the product was designed or manufactured as to be dangerous to a foreseeable user or that there was a danger in using the product and a proper warning or instruction was not given.

Examples of products liability cases have involved industrial machinery, automobiles or their parts, tires, boats, drugs, medical implants, household appliances, heating equipment, construction tools and equipment, and clothing, just to name a few.

One product liability case that our attorneys recently handled involved an employee of a utility company who was injured when a roll of cable fell onto him. The roll was mounted on the rear of a truck on a lifting device that had been added to the truck. The lifting device collapsed because it had been modified at the request of the employer by a company that serviced and maintained the truck.  Pellettierri, Rabstein & Altman obtained a substantial settlement for our client against the responsible parties.

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