Attorney Thomas Smith Chairs “Special Event for Special Kids”

On September 18th, the Hamilton Area YMCA will hold their annual “Special Event for Special Kids” at the Sawmill Branch. This event benefits the S.K.O.R. program and will feature local restaurants, serving their specialties in addition to offering a variety of wines and cocktails. The funds raised in this event will provide opportunities for individuals with disabilities to participate in expanded programs that they would otherwise not be able to attend.

Founded in 1999, the Hamilton Area YMCA S.K.O.R. (Special Kids Organized Recreation) program “provides individuals with disabilities, aged 5-21, year round organized sports leagues and summer camp programs”, explains attorney Thomas Smith, Esq., one of the founders of the S.K.O.R. program and current Board Secretary of the Hamilton Area YMCA, as well as a partner in our Personal Injury department. The program strives to increase appropriate social peer interaction, builds self-esteem, promotes physical fitness and teamwork, and teaches the importance of respect.

For further information about the Hamilton Area YMCA S.K.O.R. Program visit or call 609-581-9622.
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