Workers' Compensation

Have you been injured on the job? Have you developed a health condition or disease over time because of the kind of work you do?

Workers' Compensation

Social Security Disability

U.S. Government statistics show that Social Security Disability claims are often more successful on appeal, and our lawyers find that to be true as well. If your private disability benefits exceed your Social Security benefits, then you may have the right to claim residual benefits from your private policy.

Pellettieri, Rabstein and Altman disability attorneys represent clients for Social Security disability claims, as well as other long-term disability insurance claims. Our lawyers can represent you all New Jersey venues, and will meet with you in our north, south or central New Jersey offices.

Since 1929, our lawyers have represented injured workers, and won millions of dollars for thousands of New Jersey clients. We currently represent more than 25 labor unions, locals and civil service workers.

In the process, we have earned the respect of courts, judges, insurers and other Social Security disability lawyers. More important, we have earned the respect of our clients. In fact, 4 out of 5 new cases are referred or repeat clients.

We get you the best possible results through negotiation and litigation.

Select the right New Jersey law firm for you. Know your needs. Know your lawyers.

If you are having problems getting your Social Security Disability benefits or have questions for our lawyers about your benefits, then email our Social Security Disability attorneys or call toll-free at 1-800-432-LAWS.

Meet our Workers Compensation attorneys in our central, south or northern New Jersey offices in Princeton, Mt. Laurel, East Brunswick or Nutley, NJ.

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