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$400,000+ for Prevailing Wage Violation for Union Electricians

When a major utility company failed to meet journeyman-to-apprentice ratios and to designate and pay contracted electricians as journeymen, our attorneys stepped in to file suit on their behalf. These laws are well known and clear, especially to such a substantial employer. We fought and won the maximum possible.

Labor Arbitration Results In Over $700,000 in Back Wages

Gary Adams, Esq. and Andrew Watson, Esq. concluded a labor arbitration resulting in over $700,000 in back wages paid to Trane Employees on behalf of IUE/CWA Local 81455.  After multiple hearing dates, before a duly appointed and authorized arbitrator, an Arbitration Award was entered in favor of the Union and against Employer.

New Jersey Supreme Court Issues First Amendment Landmark Decision.

In a landmark decision, the New Jersey Supreme Court unanimously held that the Lawrence Township sign ordinance violated our client's First Amendment right to free speech and is unconstitutional. At issue was IBEW Local 269’s use of a 10-foot tall rat balloon during a labor protest in Lawrence Township. The police cited a Local 269 business agent under the ordinance and the Union fought the citation asserting that the law unconstitutionally infringed the fundamental right of free expression. The Union tenaciously fought the case to the state’s highest court, which validated the Union’s right to display the inflatable rat balloon and directed that the summons issued against the business agent be dismissed. Local 269’s attorney, Andrew L. Watson said: “Unions and their members have a long history and tradition of exercising the right of free speech and they have developed orderly and non-threatening means of protest and expression. This decision vindicates the rights of Unions and all of New Jersey’s citizens to peacefully and effectively express themselves.”


Court Reverses Fines on School Association’s Striking Workers

When fines were levied on skilled maintenance employees in the Hamilton Township teachers strike for not crossing the picket line, our Labor & Employment attorneys convinced the court to reverse those fines.

Life Insurance Claim Denied to Wrongfully Terminated Public Employee

Frustrated, overwhelmed and physically ailing from an assignment for which she was neither trained nor hired, a Teacher’s Aide and mother of 2 young children emphatically requested a transfer. The request was denied. During the summer, the Teacher’s Aide found out she had terminal cancer – and only a few months to live. Also during the summer, the school decided that her transfer request was an ultimatum amounting to her resignation. She never actually resigned, the school never told her she was terminated, and the school never offered her termination benefits. Shortly after her death, the family filed an employee life insurance claim, which was denied. The family was shocked that she had been terminated and allegedly had resigned. When the school refused to budge, the family called us. Our attorneys won complete claim reversal and her children now have a college fund.

Thousands of NLRB and PERS Arbitrations and Private Employer Contracts for Dozens of Labor Unions and Civil Service Workers

Since 1929, at the very beginning of America’s labor union movement, Pellettieri, Rabstein & Altman attorneys have represented New Jersey workers. Currently, the law firm represents more than 25 labor unions, trade councils, and locals.

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