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$100,000 for Knee Injury in Dog Attack

When the UPS driver pulled into the driveway and got out to deliver a package, he was greeted by a charging, barking dog. While escaping the attack, he injured his knee. Although never physically harmed by the dog, the fear of possible harm led to the injury. In addition to winning our client a Workers’ Compensation award against his employer, our attorneys also won this third-party injury award against the homeowner, because the dog owners are required to restrain their pet.

$600,000.00 Awarded to Construction Worker

A 37 year-old construction worker suffered an accident on a work site in East Amwell, NJ when the floor upon which his ladder was resting gave way and he fell to the floor below. He suffered an achilles tendon rupture and had reconstruction surgery. The plaintiff was able to return to work in his current employ after approximately two years out.

The defendant subcontractor carpenter had installed the temporary floor improperly. The plaintiff was employed by the general contractor who does maintain overall safety for the site and should have inspected the work done by its sub. Despite the workers' compensation bar (not allowing the plaintiff to collect from his employer in a third party matter), the case resolved favorably for the plaintiff with a settlement by trial for $600,000.

$1 Million for Boiler Repairman’s “Scalding” Premises Liability Injury

A boiler repairman responded to the call to repair a leaky pipe in an apartment complex basement. As he walked through the dark basement toward the leaky pipe, he fell into an unmarked, uncovered 6-foot pit of scalding water run-off from the boiler system being installed. He suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns to more than 30% of his body, requiring multiple skin grafts, extensive physical therapy, and further reconstructive procedures. Despite vigorous opposition, we proved that warning should have been posted.

$1,250,000 for construction accident victim

In preparation for the next day's work, our client was moving a "roustabout", a small derrick on wheels used to raise and position large heavy pipes. He pushed it through a large puddle, and stepped on a small piece of reinforcing steel which was submerged and invisible in the water, left behind by a pipefitter working there the day before.

Our client fell forward, extended his left hand to break his fall, causing injury in his left wrist, which progressively worsened and subsequently required four surgical procedures involving the hand, wrist and elbow. Furthermore, he developed herniated discs and injury to the nerve connected to his left arm for which surgery is pending.

The settlement was made with eight different defendants for a total package of $1,250,000. 

$1,675,000 Settlement for Restaurant Slip and Fall

Our personal injury attorney settled a case for $1,675,000 on behalf of a slip and fall client.  She suffered a fall on a restaurant premises and suffered a severe head injury including a skull fracture, a brain contusion, and bleeding into her brain space.  Because her condition was severe she had to have an operation on her head and brain.  She later underwent additional surgery to place a shunt into her head because of fluid buildup in her brain space.  She had a total of four surgeries.

She has not been able to work since the accident.  She has limited ability to take care of herself and needs nursing care.

$1.1 Million for Professor’s Mental Health Injury in Auto Accident

A Ph.D. student in mathematics just shy of earning his degree, was conducting very promising research as a 2-year Honored Fellow at the prestigious Institute for Advanced Studies at Princeton University, where Albert Einstein had worked, and looking forward to his first position as a professor at the University of Illinois, when his car was rear-ended by an Amtrak truck on Route 1, causing him loss of memory and, subsequently, severe depression. A professor who cannot remember or think clearly cannot produce research; so our client lost his job as a result of the accident. We had successfully fought the additional challenges of bias against mental health injury as well as the usual auto injury case challenges.

$1.3 Million Dollar Settlement for Accident on GW Bridge that Resulted in Death of Tractor Trailer Operator

Our personal injury attorneys settled a case on behalf of the widow of a tractor trailer operator who was killed in a one-vehicle tractor-trailer accident that occurred on the George Washington Bridge for $1.3 million.

The deceased was driving a tractor-trailer that ran into an open manhole, struck a sidewall and burst into flames. The suit alleged that the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey had failed to maintain the manhole cover properly and that as a result, it became dislodged.  It was also alleged that the tractor was not crashworthy and that its design defects caused it to burn and prevented the deceased from escaping from the cab.

Among other experts, we retained the services of a nationally known metallurgist to explain how years of wear had made the cover vulnerable to coming loose and that welds that had been applied to hold it in place failed.

$1.35 Million for Steel Trucker’s “Unstable Load” Injury

A 37-year-old employee was raising the dolly wheels to move a trailer in a steel supply company’s lot when a 50-foot steel girder weighing several thousand pounds fell off the truck and across his body. Although the trucker had advised our client that 2 of the 8 steel girders had been dropped and bent by the stevedores, while loading the truck back at the dock, our client claimed that he did not realize the load was actually very unstable. This was a difficult issue for our attorneys to overcome. Yet our workers’ compensation team won a significant claim against the steel supply company. Then PR&A personal injury attorneys won a $1.35 million third party injury claim against both the stevedores and trucking company by proving that they too had responsibility in causing this accident.

$100,000 for Personal Injury in High-Heel Stairway Fall

When a woman fell down the steps of a building, the building owners said her high heels were too high. The jury disagreed.

$13,750 Settlement For Police Officer in Deli Revenge Case

A $13,750 settlement was obtained for a police officer who was served food intentionally adulterated by the delicatessen's vindictive cook.

$14.3 Million for Editor’s Severe Head Injuries in Auto Injuries

A magazine editor was driving her visiting mother to a family reunion when a truck ran through a stop sign and flashing red signal, slamming into the side door of her car. She was left in a coma and her mother killed. She eventually emerged from the coma, but continues to require physical therapy and psychological rehabilitation. She remains unable to read, remember, walk or speak well. The other driver denied running the light and sign, claiming our client was not paying attention to the road. 

$2 Million for Stem Cell Researcher from Spinal Injury Auto Accident

A PhD, post-doctoral fellow conducting original molecular bio-chemical research into neurology and stem cell research, was driving in the center lane of a local commuter interstate, when a tractor-trailer truck behind her veered to the right lane, cutting off and striking another auto that then struck our client's car and caused her to lose control and swerve into the right lane where she was struck by the truck. As a result of the accident, she suffered multiple severe injuries. Once a vibrant, productive, athletic woman in her prime, our client was now mostly confined to a wheel chair with limited walking and unable to pursue her clinical research. Her health tragedy led to economic hardships as well, because she and her husband moved to a less costly and more convenient place to live, out of state, and then her husband lost his job while trying to balance career with caring for his wife. Our attorneys recovered all possible monies from the limited amount of available auto insurance coverage, achieving a structured settlement that met our client and her husband's wishes to get on with their lives, and to guarantee a life-long stream of reasonable income. 

$2.55 Million in “Stop Sign” Auto Accident

A teenager ran a stop sign that was fully blocked by overgrown shrubbery that should have been maintained by the township and county. The jury decided that the fact the teen was speeding did not cause this accident. Furthermore, the jury upheld the responsibility of the government to keep their traffic signs clearly visible to motorists.

$260,000 in Child's Slip & Fall Injury The Dislodged Teeth

When a child slipped and fell in a Laundromat, she lost two front teeth but won $260,000. The conditions were negligent and the overall injuries were serious.

$3.5 Million for Down’s Syndrome Adult In Auto Accident

The life of a 46-year-old New Jersey woman, already challenged by Down’s Syndrome, became even more difficult due to seriously injury in a head-on auto accident while riding the bus to her job. Suffering broken teeth and a severed tongue led to extensive hospital treatment and lengthy, but full recovery. However a crushed larynx led to permanent, disabling injury damage from the auto accident. She must breathe through a tracheotomy tube for life. In addition to her physical injury, this woman's career prospects are gone and her sense of at least some independence has completely diminished. And, of course, her medical and custodial care needs have grown tremendously. That's where our New Jersey injury attorneys focused: Get her the money to provide for future care needs, especially as her aging parents pass on. Our injury lawyers invested considerable time, effort and expert expenses to build a convincing case for the jury with every expectation of going to court to get the full funds required to compensate our client. As the defense lawyers saw our case unfold during discovery, depositions and other trial preparation, they recognized the quality of the case and representation, and was able to negotiate an agreement that would guarantee our client’s future care.

$315,000 to surviving family of woman killed in auto accident

The Personal Injury department secured a settlement of $315,000 for the surviving family in a wrongful death action. A female Princeton resident, 65, driving west across Route 1 on Carnegie Center Blvd., was killed when the driver of a dump truck traveling north on Route 1, ran a red light and collided into her car. 


$4 Million for Paralyzing Injury from Amusement Park Waterslide Ride

A college student headed down a waterslide at a popular Jersey shore amusement park and snapped his neck, instantly rendering him a quadriplegic – paralyzed from the neck down – for life. Our personal injury lawyers investigated and found the ride was not correctly designed and not properly maintained. Further, our personal injury lawyer discovered that no lifeguard or staff came to his aid, but rather a vacationer and National Guard reservist rescued our client, who was immobile, bleeding from the mouth and now in danger of drowning. 

$5.5 Million for “Electrifying” Construction Site Injury

An apprentice carpenter was working on a highway extension construction project when an unattended crane on a wet surface with its arm brake off suddenly swings over and hits high-tension wires, causing high-voltage electricity to flow through the crane and throw her high into the air. She lands hard on the ground, injuring her back with permanent neurological damage and severely herniated discs. She required 2 disc removal surgeries and fusions and a pump implanted for continual flow of medicine that must be recharged every 3 months and replaced every 4 years. She walks only with crutches and both legs in full braces. The PR&A personal injury lawyer studied boxes and boxes of company documents for several weeks, until discovering one that proves the New Jersey Department of Transportation has significant control for managing this construction site and, therefore, is partly responsible for the negligence as a third party defendant. In addition to her successful workers’ compensation, she wins this personal injury case.

$500,000 for Senior’s Personal Injury in Crossing Street

When a vital and active 73 year old partner in a nursery and garden store crossed the street one November evening  he was mowed down by a driver distracted by looking at an accident on another road. Our client suffered permanent injuries from a fractured hip and pelvis. Despite state-of-the-art treatment at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City and extensive physical therapy and other rehabilitation, our client now has permanently restricted hip movement that requires him to walk with a cane.  The jury also found our client partially at fault for not using the crosswalk.


$571,626.66 Jury Verdict for Trip and Fall Accident

After a five-day trial, our personal injury attorney obtained a $571,626.66 jury verdict in Middlesex County for a 60-year old woman in a trip and fall accident. The plaintiff, an administrative assistant, suffered a work related injury and has been unable to return to work. The defendant was hired to replace slate on the steps in the front of the pro shop at Forsgate Country Club. As part of the process, the defendant used a mason line, which was stretched across the face of the steps to insure that the steps are even while the mason is making repairs. At the moment that the plaintiff was walking down the steps the defendant stretched the mason line the length of the steps causing her to fall to the ground and sustain numerous injuries.  Due to the accident the plaintiff faces unremitting pain and crippling, irreversible changes in spite of treatment.

$650,000 Settlement to Woman Injured in Truck Accident

The driver of a Verizon van, who was injured when a tri-axle dump truck crossed the center line of Route 31 in Hopewell Township and hit the van, settled her case after two days of a jury trial in Mercer County Superior Court.

The plaintiff and driver of the Verizon van, suffered fractures of both femurs and several of her ribs were broken. She was out of work for ten months, after which she was able to return to her job as a Verizon technician.

$750,000 for Leg Injuries in “Swerving” Unidentified Motorist (UIM) Auto Accident

A vibrant 64-year-old garment worker was driving in the center lane on the New Jersey Turnpike toward New York when an unidentified driver suddenly cut him off, causing him to swerve and smack into a concrete barrier. He sustained multiple fractures of his left leg, including fractures of the left knee involving the tibia and a dislocation fracture of the left ankle. After initial treatment at the hospital, he failed to improve, so he eventually underwent a total knee replacement. After a life-threatening accident, extensive treatments and rehabilitation programs, and permanent limitations on his mobility, our client has been forced to curtail his work and personal activities substantially. 

$8.8 Million in Paralyzing Swimming Pool Injury

A former Penn State track star was swimming in an unlit swimming pool one night, when he dove underwater through a rubber inner tube, hit the bottom head first, and became a quadriplegic for life. There was no warning about proper diving safety or even surface diving. There were no lights. The owners of the pool should have had both. The swimming pool manufacturer should have provided warnings to the owners about diving shallow and “steering up” when surface diving in residential pools. Both the manufacturer and the homeowner were held liable.

$800,000 for Auto Accident Victim

A client was awarded $800,000 after being rear-ended by a dump truck.  Since the accident the client has undergone three leg surgeries as well a lumbar surgery. 

$900,000 for “Crash & Drag” Injuries at Construction Site

A construction worker was guiding the cement truck chute when suddenly the hydraulic support line broke, sending the chute crashing down on his knee. Then someone moved the truck forward, dragging our client along the ground, flipping over his body, and severely injuring his back. Despite surgeries on both his lower back and right knee, permanent damage prevents him from ever lifting more than 20 pounds. In addition to his successful workers’ compensation claim, our lawyers determined that the cement truck was not properly maintained and was defective, The truck manufacturer had offered a $25 part to fix the defect, and the truck owner chose not to pay for the part. That made both responsible for our client's injury. When you are injured on the job but products, individuals or companies other than your employer (“third parties”) contribute to your injury, then you may have rights to both a workers’ compensation claim and a third party personal injury claim.

$950,000 for Spinal Injuries in a Friend’s Car Auto Accident

A 17-year-old student was a passenger in her friend’s car when her friend lost control and hit a tree causing spinal fractures that required several extensive surgeries using steel rods and bone grafts to repair our client’s shattered spine. Doctors discover from her worsening lower back pain that the accident has caused this young woman to suffer from degenerative spine, as well. Our attorneys presented her doctor's finding to the jury and, furthermore, had the doctors testify that because they cannot fuse her entire spine and already half of her spinal bones are fused, There is little they can do, except treat the pain itself. 

Client receives $130,000 in slip and fall

Our client age 62 from East Windsor, NJ was employed as a salesperson and working at the time for Burlington Coat Factory, when he slipped and fell on a wet floor that had just recently been cleaned by an outside maintenance company, the defendant Affordable Building Services, who created the dangerous condition and failed to provide the appropriate warnings.

A lawsuit was filed and pending in the Superior Court of New Jersey, Middlesex County.  The matter was settled before trial for a gross amount of $130,000.

Senior Pedestrian Wins in Auto Injury, Despite Crossing at Night in Rain and Outside Crosswalk

Our client, a senior citizen, began walking the mile or so to her home after church one evening, when it started to lightly rain. Concerned about getting home before a downpour and wanting to be seen while crossing the street, she chose a spot directly under a streetlight about halfway down the block from the unlit crosswalk. Although she thought she looked carefully for oncoming traffic, a reflex for most of us, she apparently did not see an approaching car. Neither, it seems did he see her. The driver, also a senior citizen, said he had just turned on his wipers and had slowed from the 25 MPH speed limit to about 15 MPH in order to prepare to turn at the upcoming intersection, and did not see our client because she was wearing dark clothes. As newspapers, and now the New Jersey state government have acknowledged, our streets are not friendly to senior citizen pedestrians who need them more than most to get around and remain active. Our attorneys have been aware of this problem for quite a while; and so when other law firms would not accept this kind of case we did and successfully resolved it for our client 

$400,000.00 Settlement for Construction Accident

We obtained a $400,000.00 settlement for a pipefitter of 23 years who fell while trying to get out of a trench dug by another contractor. The fall resulted in total knee replacement and a compound fracture. The contractor who dug the trench failed to adhere to OSHA safety standards for trench dimensions, which caused plaintiff’s injuries. The case settled before trial in plaintiff’s favor.

Client receives $90,000.00 from Condominium Association

We obtained a $90,000.00 settlement after our client, an 83-year old woman, slipped on a rolled up rug negligently left in the common area of a condominium. The fall caused a fractured patella requiring surgery. The case settled prior to trial for $90,000.00.

$1.4 Million Dollar Settlement in Motor Vehicle Accident

We obtained a $1.4 million dollar settlement on behalf of a driver whose vehicle was struck by a tractor trailer’s blown-out tire.

The Plaintiff was driving his company vehicle when the Defendant’s tractor trailer had a tire blowout. The tire skin hit the Plaintiff’s windshield. The Plaintiff, in an attempt to avoid contact, jerked his car to the side of the road, coming to a stop in a shallow ditch.   In doing so he suffered significant injuries to his lower back and neck and was subsequently subjected to four back surgeries.   He was left with extensive loss of functions and significant economic loss.

$95,000 for Man Injured in Auto Accident

A 47 year old man received $95,000 in a settlement to compensate him for a serious fracture to his right wrist suffered in an auto accident. Although the fracture required surgery, the man made a good recovery from his injury. Settlement was reached in only two years, which is a fairly speedy settlement in the context of litigation for personal injury.

Car accident victim suffering severe injuries awarded $250,000

A New Jersey driver swerved into an improperly installed guardrail/partition which, upon impact, impaled the vehicle and severed the plaintiff’s left leg.

Despite a series of complex circumstances, and the plaintiff subsequently expiring due to an unrelated medical condition, we settled the case in favor of the driver for $250,000.

$1.1 Million Pre-Trial Settlement for Auto Accident Victim

A construction foreman driving his pick up truck south on the NJ turnpike was struck from behind and forced across two lanes of traffic by a commercial bus. The victim suffered severe lower body injuries and despite undergoing surgery, was left with permanent physical damage. Our attorneys worked diligently to settle this case out of court, helping our client to avoid the delay and expense of a lengthy trial.

$700,000 to Diabetic Plumber Injured at Construction Site

Climbing down a ladder, a union plumber, stepped on nail protruding from wood left at a construction site in Jersey City by the general contractor, or sub-contractors, who had performed framing on the multi-million dollar housing construction site project. While the injury appeared minor at first, our client, who is a type-1 diabetic, suffered amputations of several toes on his left foot and other diabetic complications. Although our client was covered by Workers' Compensation, for which we also represented him, there was additional liability, leading to this third party litigation.

$4.47 Million in Paralyzing Injury from Swimming Pool Diving Accident

When a 19-year-old woman dove into an aboveground swimming pool, she fractured her neck and became a quadriplegic for life. There were no warning signs, although law requires them.

$425,000 for Neck & Spinal Injuries in Missile Silo Clean-up “Missing Floor Fall”

While cleaning up an abandoned US Air Force missile silo, our client fell through an unmarked missing floor in a dark room. He suffered serious neck and spinal injuries, requiring two surgeries.

$750,000 for Defective Product in “Scalding Water Leak” Injury

A delivery driver brought his car in to the dealer for a water leak repair. A week later he returned because the leak continued. He was told to continue driving the car and return a few days later. But on his way out of the dealership lot, leaking water that had been collecting in the car’s heater core, due to a clogged drain, poured onto his foot. The scalding hot water caused third-degree burns requiring a partially successful skin graft and a permanent nervous system disorder (called reflex sympathetic dystrophy) that creates a constant burning sensation across the instep and lower leg. Our client also had to quit his job.

$2 Million Settlement in SUV Accident Case

A passenger in a SUV suffered a broken neck and other injuries when the vehicle rolled over because of the negligence of the driver and because of the failure of a tire The passenger was rendered a quadriplegic as a result of the accident, was hospitalized for a period of time and later died as a result of his injuries. His estate settled with the driver and tire manufacturer for $2 million.

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