Verdicts & Settlements

$1.2 MM for patient suffering permanent injuries due to poor instructions by physician

The plaintiff was discovered to have a mesenteric clot after having abdominal problems. She was told to take aspirin but was given no instructions about the stroke risk created by the clot and the continuation of birth control medication. She was allowed to believe the aspirin was only for her discomfort, which subsided in a week. She was not told the aspirin was in anyway designed to be taken long term to reduce the risk of serious injury. When the discomfort subsided, she stopped taking the aspirin. Plaintiffs were prepared to prove the physician did not recognize the risk of embolus and stroke and failed to take the required steps to reduce or remove that risk. Plaintiff suffered the predictable seizure/stroke and resulting disability.

The plaintiff was left with significant permanent neurological damage and disruption of her normal life. Settlement $1.2 Million dollars.

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