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$1.3 Million Dollar Settlement for Accident on GW Bridge that Resulted in Death of Tractor Trailer Operator

Attorney Edward Slaughter, Jr., who specializes in accident and injury cases, recently settled a case on behalf of the widow of Celestino Marshall who was killed in a one-vehicle tractor-trailer accident that occurred on the George Washington Bridge for $1.3 million.

Mr. Marshall was driving a tractor-trailer that ran into an open manhole, struck a sidewall and burst into flames.  Mr. Marshall was killed as a result of a fire that consumed the cab.  The suit alleged that the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey had failed to maintain the manhole cover properly and that as a result, it became dislodged.  It was also alleged that the tractor was not crashworthy and that its design defects caused it to burn and prevented Mr. Marshall from escaping from the cab.

Among other experts, Mr. Slaughter retained the services of a nationally known metallurgist to explain how years of wear had made the cover vulnerable to coming loose and that welds that had been applied to hold it in place failed.

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