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$1.35 Million for Steel Trucker’s “Unstable Load” Injury

A 37-year-old yard jockey was raising the dolly wheels to move a trailer in a steel supply company’s lot when a 50-foot steel girder weighing several thousand pounds fell off the truck and across his body. Although the trucker had advised our client, the yard jockey, that 2 of the 8 steel girders had been dropped and bent by the stevedores, while loading the truck back at the dock, our client claimed that he did not realize the load was actually very unstable. This was a sticky issue for our attorneys to overcome. Yet our workers’ compensation team won a significant claim against the steel supply company. Then PR&A personal injury attorney Edward Slaughter, Jr. won a $1.35 million third party injury claim against both the stevedores and trucking company by proving that they too had some responsibility in causing this accident.
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