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$1,000,000 Settlement Claim for Rockman and Gordon

In a suit filed against several surgeons, a physical therapist, a physician’s assistant and a hospital, Andrew Rockman and Peter Gordon recently achieved a settlement after several key depositions were completed. 

The claim was brought on behalf of a fifty-two year old woman who developed complications following back surgery. After having a decompressive laminectomy and fusion the patient developed a pooling of blood on her spinal column. It was alleged that the various healthcare providers failed to recognize the signs of blood collection and pressure on the spinal column; increasing post-operative pain, numbness and episodes of urinary incontinence. As a result a time window was lost where a corrective procedure could been performed to relieve the pressure that was causing the patient pain and ongoing damage.

This surgical complication also known as cauda equina syndrome left the patient with significant and permanent injuries including constant pain in the area of the top of her buttocks, a lack of sensation from her waist to her toes and incontinence of bowel and bladder necessitating self-catherization.

The settlement of $1,000,000 was achieved at a relatively early stage in litigation with an expectable delay of several years before the claims could be resolved by way of trial. Mr. Rockman and Mr. Gordon were pleased to achieve settlement so quickly enabling the client to use and benefit from the settlement funds without having to wait for a trial to be reached.   
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