Verdicts & Settlements

$1,250,000 for construction accident victim

In preparation for the next day's work, our client was moving a "roustabout", a small derrick on wheels used to raise and position the large heavy pipes. As he pushed it through a large puddle, and stepped on a small piece of reinforcing steel which was submerged and invisible in the water, left behind by a pipefitter working there the day before.

Our client fell forward, extended his left hand to break his fall, causing injury in his left wrist, which progressively worsened and subsequently required four surgical procedures involving the hand, wrist and elbow. Furthermore, he has developed herniated discs and injury to the nerve connected to his left arm for which surgery is pending.

The plaintiff has been out of work since 2004. His prompt report of the injury, even if he wasn't sure its severity, helped to eliminate issues that could have arisen in the case.

The settlement was made with eight different defendants for a total package of $1,250,000. For further information, please contact our Personal Injury & Accident Attorneys

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