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$1,250,000 for Medical Negligence Victim

Andy Rockman successfully argued negligence in a medical malpractice case, resulting in a $1,100,000 award.

The Plaintiff, a 51 yr old wife, mother and Lupus victim suffered major complications when her physician failed to properly monitor and render appropriate follow-up care concerning elevated serum creatinine levels.

The negligent care resulted in an exacerbation of Lupus to Lupus Nephritis, followed by kidney failure and the need for a kidney transplant.

The defendant physician also continued to increase Plaintiff’s Prednisone dosage despite elevated creatinine, which resulted in an increased chance of infection after the operation. This put the patient at a higher risk of organ rejection as well as an increased chance of morbidity.

Congratulations to Andy, and special thanks to Rob, Colson, Kim and Marisa for their help on this case.

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