Verdicts & Settlements

$1,675,000 Settlement for Restaurant Slip and Fall

Attorney Edward Slaughter settled a case for $1,675,000 on behalf of Cynthia Vena.  Ms. Vena had an accident at Tessara's Restaurant, which is operated by Koray, LLC, on January 11, 2008.  On that date she suffered a fall on the restaurant premises and suffered a severe head injury.  She was taken to Capital Health Systems - Fuld Campus by EMS service.  She had suffered a skull fracture, a brain contusion, and bleeding into her brain space.  Because her condition was severe she had to have an operation on her head and brain.  She later underwent additional surgery to place a shunt into her head because of fluid buildup in her brain space.  She had a total of four surgeries.
She underwent rehabilitation at both The Kessler Institute and St. Lawrence Rehabilitation Center. 
Prior to the accident she was employed by Bohren's Moving and Storage as a clerk.  She has not been able to work since the accident.  She has limited ability to take care of herself and needs nursing care.
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