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$2 million ... and hope ... for auto accident spinal injury to Stem Cell Researcher

A promising, vibrant, athletic and young post-doctoral fellow was conducting original molecular bio-chemical research through a major pharmaceutical company's neurology and drug discovery group and pursuing stem cell research in collaboration with another company until one day while driving home in her car at moderate speed in the center lane of a busy New Jersey highway. A tractor trailer truck veered from behind her into the right lane, cutting off and striking another auto that then struck the doctor's car and caused her to lose control and swerve into the right lane where she was struck by the truck. The doctor suffered severe injuries, including closed head injury, torticollis, double and blurry vision and traumatic spinal cord injury. She required rare surgery. She and her husband faced severe financial hardships, as well as health, as a result of the auto accident injury. Now confined mostly to a wheel chair, she hopes, perhaps, some day, to benefit from the stem cell research she helped to further. Our attorneys were able to recover for her the maximum monies available from all the parties' insurance policies, which we hope will, at least, ease the financial burdens.
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