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$2 Million for Stem Cell Researcher from Spinal Injury Auto Accident

A PhD, post-doctoral fellow conducting original molecular bio-chemical research into neurology and stem cell research, was driving in the center lane of a local commuter interstate, when a tractor-trailer truck behind her veered to the right lane, cutting off and striking another auto that then struck our client's car and caused her to lose control and swerve into the right lane where she was struck by the truck. As a result of the accident, she suffered multiple severe injuries, including closed head injury, torticollis (contracted state of neck muscles producing a permanently unnatural "tilted" head position), double and blurry vision, and traumatic spinal cord injury (sub-occipital craniectomy with neuro-vascular decompression of the 11th nerve bilaterally). The spinal condition required a very rare surgery. Once a vibrant, productive, athletic woman in her prime, our client was now mostly confined to a wheel chair with limited walking and unable to pursue her clinical research. Her health tragedy led to economic hardships as well, because she and her husband moved to a less costly and more convenient place to live, out of state, and then her husband lost his job while trying to balance career with caring for his wife. Our attorneys specializing in auto injury cases recovered the most possible money from the limited amount of available auto insurance coverage, achieving a structured settlement that met our client and her husband's wishes to quickly get back on their feet, to get on with their lives, and to guarantee a life-long stream of reasonable income. Hopefully, some day, she will benefit from some of her own bio-chemical neurology and stem cell research.
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