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$3.5 Million for Down’s Syndrome Adult In Auto Accident

The life of a 46-year-old New Jersey woman, already challenged by Down’s Syndrome, became even more difficult due to seriously injury in a head-on auto accident while riding the bus to her job. Suffering broken teeth and a severed tongue led to extensive hospital treatment and lengthy, but full recovery. However a crushed larynx led to permanent, disabling injury damage from the auto accident. She must breathe through a tracheotomy tube for life. In addition to her physical injury, this woman's career prospects are gone and her sense of at least some independence has completely diminished. And, of course, her medical and custodial care needs have grown tremendously. That's where our New Jersey injury attorneys focused: Get her the money to provide for future care needs, especially as her aging parents pass on. Our lead New Jersey injury lawyer invested considerable time, effort and expert expenses to build a convincing case for the jury with every expectation of going to court to get the full funds required. As the defendant's lawyers saw our case unfold during discovery, depositions and other trial preparation, they recognized the quality of the case and representation, and decided to sign an agreement that would guarantee our client’s future care in return for no admission of liability.
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