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$3 Million for Birth Injury Case

During delivery mid-wife failed to respond to developing signs of fetal distress including meconium staining and fetal monitoring strip abnormalities. Mid-wife likewise failed to react in properly securing the attendance of the obstetrician after several instances indicated that baby needed to be delivered quickly. Upon arrival obstetrician showed lack of appreciation for need of a c-section, instead trying multiple attempts at another form of delivery, when the fetus did not have that time to waste. Defense argued some pre-birth abnormalities in brain would have indicated some damage regardless. Plaintiff denied the significance of any signs of pre-birth findings, and was prepared to prove that they would not, in any significant or substantial way, be connected to the overwhelming disabilities of the child. Major defense built upon belief that injuries were so severe that life expectancy would be shorter than plaintiff predicted, diminishing the value of the projected financial needs of both family and infant. Plaintiff was prepared to prove that the care provided by the loving family and advances of available medicine, would raise life expectancy of child and that the defense should not benefit by raising speculation as to the child’s life expectancy.

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