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$5.5 Million for “Electrifying” Construction Site Injury

An apprentice carpenter was working on a highway extension construction project when an unattended crane on a wet surface with its arm brake off suddenly swings over and hits high-tension wires, causing high-voltage electricity to flow through the crane and throw her high into the air. She lands hard on the ground, injuring her back with permanent neurological damage and severely herniated discs. She required 2 disc removal surgeries and fusions and a pump implanted for continual flow of medicine that must be recharged every 3 months and replaced every 4 years. She walks only with crutches and both legs in full braces. Personal injury lawyer Edward Slaughter, Jr. studied boxes and boxes of company documents for several weeks, until discovering one that proves the New Jersey Department of Transportation has significant control for managing this construction site and, therefore, is partly responsible for the negligence as a third party defendant. In addition to her successful workers’ compensation, she wins this personal injury case.
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