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$500,000 for Senior’s Personal Injury in Crossing Street

When a vital and active partner in a nursery and garden store crossed the street at 7:40pm one November evening, he was mowed down by a fellow hometown resident distracted by looking at an accident on another road. Perhaps, the defendant was anxious to get to his family and holiday season activities after his long work day and commute home. We all have busy lives these days, especially during the holidays. But that does not excuse a driver’s responsibility for causing an auto injury. According to personal injury lawyer Edward Slaughter, Jr., our client suffered permanent auto injuries from a fractured hip and pelvis. Despite state-of-the-art treatment at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City and extensive physical therapy and other rehabilitation, our client’s auto injury permanently restricts his hip movement and requires him to walk with a cane. At 73-years-young our client, and his wife, lose years of activity and intimacy and gain years of pain, pills and pause. Our client, despite it all, recognizes that he shares some responsibility – and so did the jury – because he did not use the crosswalk nor where any brightly colored clothing. Our client’s share of the total damages was reduced from $500,000 in proportion to his share of responsibility determined by the jury.

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