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$900,000 for “Crash & Drag” Injuries at Construction Site

A construction worker is guiding the cement truck chute when suddenly the hydraulic support line breaks, sending the chute crashing down on his knee. Then someone moves the truck forward, dragging our client along the ground, flipping over his body, and severely injuring his back. Despite surgeries on both his lower back and right knee, permanent damage prevents him from ever lifting more than 20 pounds. In addition to his successful workers’ compensation claim, our lawyers find that the cement truck not properly maintained and was defective, the truck manufacturer had offered a $25 part to fix the defect, and the truck owner chose not to pay for the part. That made both responsible for our injury. When you are injured on the job but products, individuals or companies other than your employer (“third parties”) contribute to your injury, then you may have rights to both a workers’ compensation claim and a third party personal injury claim.
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