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Senior Pedestrian Wins in Auto Injury, Despite Crossing at Night in Rain and Outside Crosswalk

Our client, a senior citizen, began walking the mile or so to her home after church one evening, when it started to lightly rain. Concerned about getting home before a downpour and wanting to be seen while crossing the street, she chose a spot directly under a streetlight about halfway down the block from the unlit crosswalk. Although she thought she looked carefully for oncoming traffic, a reflex for most of us, she apparently did not see an approaching car. Neither, it seems did he see her. The driver, also a senior citizen, said he had just turned on his wipers and had slowed from the 25 MPH speed limit to about 15 MPH in order to prepare to turn at the upcoming intersection, and did not see our client because she was wearing dark clothes. As newspapers, and now the New Jersey state government have acknowledged, our streets are not friendly to senior citizen pedestrians who need them more than most to get around and remain active. Our attorneys have been aware of this problem for quite a while; and so when other law firms would not accept this kind of case, personal injury lawyer, and department chair, Edward Slaughter, Jr. did.
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