Truck Accidents Lead to Catastrophic Personal Injuries but Tractor-Trailers are Still Rolling

Commercial traffic on the New Jersey Turnpike has been down, most likely the result of increased tolls, major construction delays, higher fuel prices and a struggling economy. Nonetheless, those 18 wheeler tractor-trailers are still charging along, finding their way perhaps more so on the local roadways and leading to a greater incidence of crashes with other motor vehicles. Truck accidents often lead to catastrophic personal injuries.

It is important that evidence is collected and preserved as quickly as possible after a collision with a tractor-trailer. Proving liability on the truck driver often hinges upon items that may only be in the trucking company’s control, unless it’s obtained otherwise. Most truck company’s act fast, often times showing up at the scene of a truck accident taking pictures, gathering debris and vehicle damage, and limited their potential liability for any damages or losses. Truck drivers frequently are supplied with an “accident kit”, complete with flashlights, flares, cameras, important cell phone numbers such as tow truck operators, and van a script, advising the drivers what to say or not say at the accident scene.

The victims of a truck drivers’ negligence often are not capable of measuring tire marks, gathers pieces of bumpers or tires, taking pictures, or speaking to witnesses at the scene as they are often being taken way in ambulances to deal with serious injuries. Therefore, it is important an injury lawyer be retained as soon as possible to protect your legal rights and ensure eventual fair and just compensation. An experienced injury lawyer in truck accident cases will begin assembling a team of experts in truck accidents, tractor-trailer operation, and accident reconstruction experts to prepare your claim.
Immediate demands for important date from the truck itself will be made, and from the scene will be preserved. If necessary, an inspection of the truck itself will be made. Without these things, your right to fair and reasonable compensation for your injuries and damages may be jeopardized.

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