Jonas Fund Awards $15,000 in “Alternative” Scholarships

The Jonas Fund awarded scholarships – totaling $15,000 – to four students graduating the Burlington County Alternative High School at last night’s commencement in the Pemberton campus auditorium of Burlington County College.

Specifically, Arthur Penn, Esq., co-founder of The Jonas Fund, awarded two students up to $1,500 per semester for 4 semesters (or 2 years) of study; and two additional students will each receive $750 per year for 2 years of studies.

The Burlington County Alternative High School, on the campus of Burlington County College, accepts students who cannot function in mainstream schools due to emotional, or behavioral problems, yet are fully capable of learning valuable skills and going forward with very successful careers.

“Jonas Fund is the only children’s mental health non-profit committed to the transition between high school and college – one of the most risky stages in these kids’ lives,” explains Arthur Penn, Esq. a Medford resident and senior partner in the Princeton & Mt. Holly law firm Pellettieri Rabstein & Altman. “Success in education shows children they can succeed in life.”

The Jonas Fund scholarships may be applied to any post high school educational program, whether academic, vocational or the arts. These are the first annual Jonas Fund scholarships for the Burlington County Alternative High School students.

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