Commercial Truck Accidents in New Jersey

When a motor vehicle accident occurs with a truck or tractor-trailer in New Jersey, the rules are different. Usually, depending on the type of insurance one has, a plaintiff in a motor vehicle accident case will have to provide proof, by way of a certification from their treating doctor, that the plaintiff suffered a permanent injury. However, with a truck or tractor-trailer, that requirement is not necessary. Hence, the landscape changes when the accident involves a truck or tractor-trailer.

The theory is that trucks are commercial vehicles unlike the private passenger vehicles that are driven by most New Jersey citizens every day. The laws of New Jersey treat commercial vehicles differently. You should know this and be sure to call the police and seek medical treatment, even in the event of a minor accident with a commercial truck. The symptoms associated with whiplash or neck jerking injuries occur after the impact and are often delayed. Consequently, a truck accident victim should always document the event by contacting the police and notifying the insurance company. Be sure to consult with an experienced attorney if you have personal injuries or substantial property damage.

It is important to choose a lawyer who knows how New Jersey law treats injured victims differently in light of the type of class of vehicle involved in the accident. Trucks, tractor-trailers, and some other types of commercial vehicles involve very different tactics in terms of litigating the case. This is why it is important to consult with an attorney who is well versed in the area of commercial truck accidents so that your rights do not become compromised.

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