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Were you injured in a bus accident in New Jersey? Whether you were injured while riding as a passenger or while driving or riding in another vehicle, the at-fault party could owe you compensation for the harm you’ve suffered and the losses you’ve incurred.

If a negligent bus driver, another motorist, or another entity injured you, you have the right to seek answers and justice. The New Jersey bus accident attorneys at the law firm of Pellettieri Rabstein & Altman are ready to help you seek it. Contact us now for a free and confidential consultation.

Our New Jersey Bus Accident Lawyers Help Injured People

Since 1929, the New Jersey attorneys of Pellettieri Rabstein & Altman have stood up for the rights of people injured due to the carelessness of others. We have extensive experience handling bus accident cases and are ready to put our skills to work for you.

At Pellettieri Rabstein & Altman, we can help you by:

Determining whether you have a viable personal injury claim

New Jersey is one of a handful of states that uses a no-fault auto insurance system. That means your situation will need to clear specific legal benchmarks for you to be able to file an insurance claim or lawsuit against the other driver. Our New Jersey bus accident attorneys have a thorough knowledge of state personal injury laws and can review your case to determine if you have a viable claim.

Identifying the potentially liable parties in an accident

Multiple parties could share liability for a bus accident, in which case a claimant must file multiple claims to recover total compensation for their injuries.

Gathering evidence to support your case

Winning a personal injury case requires evidence that objectively demonstrates the other party’s fault. To recover any compensation for your injuries, you will need to show that the at-fault driver or other party acted negligently, which in turn caused the accident. Our experienced attorneys can review your medical records, police accident reports, crash scene photos, and eyewitness accounts and secure other evidence, such as expert witness testimony, to build a strong case on your behalf.

Filing your claim

A lot of paperwork is involved in personal injury cases, especially when it comes to bus accidents and insurance companies. Our bus accident lawyers can file this paperwork and court documents on your behalf so everything is in order and your claim is filed in time to avoid any issues with New Jersey’s statute of limitations.

Representing you in insurance settlement negotiations

Most bus accident cases end with the injured party signing a settlement agreement with the liable driver’s insurance company. Once you accept an insurance settlement, you will not be able to recover any additional compensation from that party, so it is vital to fight for as much money as possible. Dealing with the other driver’s insurance company yourself is not in your best interest. Our New Jersey bus accident attorneys know the tricks insurance companies use to deny claims or minimize payouts – and we know how to beat them at their game. Furthermore, insurance companies know that our attorneys are ready, willing, and able to go to trial, which always helps achieve a fair settlement for the injured party.

Bringing your case to court if a settlement cannot be reached

If the liable party’s insurance company refuses to make a fair offer, it may be necessary to bring your case to trial in civil court. Trials require much preparation and can be risky, so it is best to come prepared with an experienced litigator in your corner.

From our clients

I would recommend Richard Isolde to my family and friends, and he was accommodating in handling our case. He was always available by text, phone calls, and email. Most significantly, he helped us get what we deserved. Richard Isolde is always there for his clients and does whatever he can to get the job done.


Richard Isolde worked very hard on my case, making the impossible possible.
He was able to get the full amount up to the policy limit and then get punitive damages in addition. I understand that is a rare accomplishment. I am grateful for that and I congratulate him. Your firm was recommended to me by a friend and I will pay it forward by recommending him as well as PRA.


I used Mr. (SQ) Lee for a personal injury matter and could not have been any more pleased with his services. He understood my injury and helped me every step of the way. He was courteous and kind and I always felt better after speaking with him. His assistant, Sherrill, was also wonderful and together they made a great team! I would absolutely recommend them, and the firm, to anyone.


How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer?

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At Pellettieri Rabstein & Altman, we do not charge you any fees upfront to start work on your personal injury case. We will review your case for free, with no obligation to you. If we believe you have a claim for compensation, we will do all the legal legwork with no out-of-pocket cost to you. When we recover compensation for you, our fee then comes as a percentage of that. If we don’t win, you don’t pay us. It’s that simple.

Types of Bus Accident Cases We Handle

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), any vehicle primarily made to carry nine or more occupants, including the driver, may be considered a bus. Thankfully, bus accidents are relatively rare. But when they do occur, bus accidents can be especially catastrophic. That is because of the number of people involved, including passengers and other road users.

At Pellettieri Rabstein & Altman, our New Jersey bus injury law firm has handled multiple bus accident cases involving various vehicles. We’re prepared to take on all types of bus accident cases, including these examples:

School bus accidents

Millions of schoolchildren rely on buses to get to public schools every academic year. Even today, many school buses lack passenger seat belts, which means school bus accidents often result in serious injuries. Data from the National Safety Council (NSC) indicates that 39 percent of all buses involved in fatal crashes in a 10-year period were school buses.

Public transit bus accidents

Public transit buses include regional and intra-city buses and public university buses. NSC data suggests that approximately 34 percent of all buses involved in fatal crashes are transit buses.

Tour bus accidents

include sightseeing buses for out-of-town tourists and sleeper coach buses for touring musicians, artists, and athletes.

Charter bus accidents

Sports teams, school groups, businesses, clubs, and other organizations rent these buses to transport large groups of people to specific destinations.

Shuttle bus accidents

Hotels, airports, theme parks, and other big establishments rely on shuttle buses to carry large groups of customers for practicality and convenience.

Passenger van accidents

Smaller organizations such as private schools, churches, and other religious organizations use passenger vans to transport smaller groups of people.

Intercity bus accidents

Large intercity bus companies such as Greyhound and Megabus transport millions of passengers across billions of miles each year. NSC data suggests intercity buses account for roughly 12 percent of all buses involved in fatal bus accidents.

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Who Can Bring a Bus Accident Claim in New Jersey?

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Nearly any individual who suffers an injury in a New Jersey bus accident can file a personal injury claim, including:

  • Bus drivers – Bus drivers are responsible for maintaining full and attentive control of their vehicles at all times. However, even the most careful bus driver can be involved in an accident caused by another road user’s negligence. If a bus driver is injured in a New Jersey bus accident, they may be entitled to claim compensation from the at-fault party and, in some cases, their employer.
  • Bus passengers – A bus passenger who is injured in a bus accident may be entitled to compensation from the bus company, the bus driver, or another road user whose negligence contributed to the wreck.
  • Occupants of other vehicles – An injured driver or passenger in another vehicle could claim compensation after a bus accident if it was caused by the negligence of the bus driver or a third party.
  • Other road users – Other road users, such as motorcyclists, bicyclists, and pedestrians, could file an injury claim if they were injured in a bus accident that was someone else’s fault.

Leading Causes of Bus Accidents in New Jersey

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Bus drivers are tasked with safely transporting hundreds of people through miles of traffic each day. In some cases, bus driver negligence contributes to bus accidents. If a bus driver is distracted or otherwise impaired behind the wheel, they can cause massive traffic collisions with disastrous consequences.

However, not all bus accidents are the fault of bus operators alone. The negligence of any road user or even certain third parties can give rise to accidents involving large buses. Some of the leading causes of bus accidents in New Jersey include:

  • Distractions such as texting, talking on the phone, eating, or drinking
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol, cannabis, or other intoxicants
  • Reckless driving behaviors such as speeding, tailgating, and lane weaving
  • Driving errors such as failure to yield or failure to monitor blind spots
  • Defective vehicle parts due to lack of maintenance or negligent manufacturing
  • Poor road conditions due to inclement weather or government negligence

Why Bus Accident Claims Can Be More Complex

Bus accident claims are often more complex than claims involving only passenger vehicles for several reasons, including:

Bus accidents tend to result in more severe injuries

Even a relatively small bus is usually several times larger than the average personal vehicle. When these vehicles are involved in collisions, the force of impact is often enormous, and injuries tend to be more severe. Severe injuries cost more to treat and take longer to heal, making associated claims both time-consuming and more complex.

More parties are typically involved in bus accidents

In addition to the driver and all the passengers aboard the bus, there may also be other motorists and road users involved in a bus crash. Multiple parties can mean numerous insurance companies, attorneys, and convoluted bureaucracies to deal with when victims file bus accident claims.

Several different parties may be liable

In addition to all the parties involved in a bus accident, such as the bus driver and other motorists, several parties could be at fault. The bus company that hired the driver, the employer that chartered the bus, or even the government agency responsible for maintaining local roads could all share liability.

More money could be at stake

Buses and other commercial vehicles typically carry insurance policies with a minimum of $1 million in coverage. With more severe injuries and higher policy limits, you can count on insurance adjusters to put up a fight.

New Jersey Statute of Limitations on Bus Accident Lawsuits

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If you wish to file a personal injury lawsuit after a New Jersey bus accident, you have just two years from the accident date to sue. If you have a claim against a government entity, you have just 90 days to provide notice, and the process is very different from a standard injury claim. If you wait too long to file your claim, you could lose your right to compensation. Contacting an experienced New Jersey bus accident lawyer as soon as possible after a crash is the best way to avoid any issues with the statute of limitations.

Our New Jersey Bus Accident Lawyers Want to Hear About Your Case

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If you have been injured in a New Jersey bus accident, you deserve to recover maximum compensation for your losses. Contact the bus accident lawyers of Pellettieri Rabstein & Altman to discuss your case in a free initial strategy session today.


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