Less Traffic During Quarantine, But More Dangerous Roadways.

The  COVID quarantine resulted in less traffic. People were both making less car trips and driving fewer miles. The roads were noticeably emptier. But that doesn’t mean they’re safer. In fact, in some ways, the roads were more dangerous than they have been in years.

Many states actually saw a rise in the total number of roadway fatalities during the COVID lockdown. Further, according to the National Safety Council, the fatality rate for miles driven increased nationally by 14%. This means that, even though fatalities may be lower in absolute numbers, the number of people killed by traffic accidents for each mile driven got bigger. According to the National Safety Council, “[t]he mileage death rate per 100 million vehicle miles driven was 1.22 in March [2020] compared to 1.07 in March 2019.”  

In short, it was more dangerous to be on the road during quarantine. There could be a number of reasons for this. One likely reason is that people were driving faster because the roads were emptier. Studies have routinely shown that speeding by motorists is a killer. The faster cars and trucks travel, the more deaths and severe injuries that result. Additionally, the federal government has relaxed regulations on commercial drivers meant to prevent collisions from fatigued driving. As the National Safety Council warns in this report, “drowsy driving is impaired driving.”  

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