Three Million Dollar Settlement Obtained for Birth Injury Case

Senior partner and chair of the medical malpractice department, Andrew M. Rockman, Esq., represented a young child and his family for severe and lifelong debilitating injuries inflicted during the birth process in a northeastern hospital.

Mr. Rockman and his team were prepared to prove that this baby never should have gone through the mistakes, breakdowns and squandered the time available to react to the developing picture. These errors changed what should have been a normal, safe birth into the catastrophe that occurred.

When the family originally came to Mr. Rockman, he suspected that there were multiple failures in reacting to the signals the fetus and the mom were sending during the birth process. The next step was to consult with the appropriate experts to obtain an evaluation of everything that went on and to evaluate whether or not what was done, and failed to be done, fell outside of the standards expected of those involved in the delivery. The firm retained the services of an obstetrician, a midwife, a pediatric neurologist and a life care planner so that an objective evaluation of all the records and everything that happened could be obtained and the family properly advised and protected.

After receiving the conclusions of those various medical experts, a suit was filed naming those involved as Defendants. At some point after some lengthy discovery and exchange of information, a settlement was obtained through mediation in the amount of $3,000,000.00. Mr. Rockman’s position was that this baby had to be protected and receive whatever benefits were available for the remainder of his life. In addition, this family, having done everything within their modest means to provide a safe environment of love and care for this child, should receive whatever benefit money could provide in allowing them to provide a home that could deal with the many disabilities of this young boy.

Mr. Rockman’s position was that emotionally, there was not enough money to compensate this child or the family for what they had gone through and will go through. The job was to make sure they were protected, to the extent sufficient funds could do that, so that the life that had been handed to them could at least be financed and the burdens thrust upon the family made more manageable.

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