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PRA Appellate Attorneys Win First Amendment Landmark Decision In NJ Supreme Court

In a landmark decision, the New Jersey Supreme Court unanimously held that the Lawrence Township sign ordinance violated our client’s First Amendment right to free speech and is unconstitutional. At issue was IBEW Local 269’s use of a 10-foot-tall rat balloon during a labor protest in Lawrence Township. The police cited a Local 269 business agent under the ordinance and the Union fought the citation asserting that the law unconstitutionally infringed the fundamental right of free expression. Our appellate attorneys, on behalf of the Union, tenaciously fought the case to the state’s highest court, which validated the Union’s right to display the inflatable rat balloon and directed that the summons issued against the business agent be dismissed. Local 269’s attorney, Andrew L. Watson, who clerked for the Appellate Division as a young lawyer, said: “Unions and their members have a long history and tradition of exercising the right of free speech and they have developed orderly and non-threatening means of protest and expression. This decision vindicates the rights of Unions and all of New Jersey’s citizens to peacefully and effectively express themselves.”

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